About our Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

Atlantis Hot Tub and Swimspas is a Canadian owned corporation with over 40 years experience in the Hot Tub industry.  Our hot tubs are designed and developed in Canada and manufactured in China. Why do we manufacture in China? Many North American companies that had their beginnings in U.S.A. or Canada have moved the bulk or all of their manufacturing overseas. For example, Apple is one of the most recognizable U.S. companies in the world yet they have relied on plants in China for the bulk of their production. Other examples include Bausch &Lomb which manufactures all of their stylish shades (Ray Ban) in China, Hush Puppies has shifted production to China, Mattel (toy manufacturer of Barbie. & Fisher Price) has outsourced all production to China, Converse and Nike, Levi’s, Schwinn, Dell, Black & Decker, Craftsmen and the list goes on. Some popular North American hot tub brands have moved their productions to Mexico where the labour is cheaper. China is the world's largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods. It is also the world's fastest-growing consumer market and second-largest importer of goods. It is the largest trading nation globally and plays a prominent role in international trade. 
As Atlantis Leisure Products has offices in China, our production team there in China, in close collaboration with our Canadian management team here in Canada are able to personally oversee the manufacturing of our hot tubs to assure they will be of the quality we expect in Canada.
The result of this is a superior hot tub product that rivals any global brand. The acrylic is imported from Aristech Acrylics in U.S.A. We ensure that our hot tubs and swimspas meet all Canadian safety standards and our warranty will give you the peace of mind you expect from a North American made product.  If you have any problems with your hot tub, we assure good customer service to resolve your issues. Factories in China have been manufacturing hot tub pumps, cabinets, frames, plumbing parts , and a wide range of other hot tub components for years and supplying  our North American hot tub factories as our Canadian companies try to remain competitive in price. The enormous scale of China's workforce and the vast quantities of their products allow China’s manufacturers to keep costs low and quality high. With hot tub and swimspa components already being made in China, it is not surprising that hot tub manufacturing began with the help of North American engineering and management expertise which you can be assured that Atlantis Leisure Products has. We build some of the finest quality hot tubs and swimspas and make them available to the public at wholesale prices. We are confident that you will enjoy your hot tub ownership. Our no-nonsense, no fine print warranty provides complete ownership coverage for your peace of mind. Our Atlantis Hot Tubs and Swimspas are the easiest, most affordable way to enjoy quality leisure time right in your backyard on a daily basis. No more waiting to relax on your vacation time, when you can relax in your hot tub every night after a long day at work. Whether you are looking for entertainment, relaxing solitude or year round swimming, we have the hot tub or swimspa for you! Imagine having a year round pool at your backdoor - your swim workout will never look the same! Atlantis Hot Tubs and Swimspas are designed with superior insulation and heating technology for the best energy efficiency in our cold Canadian climate. We build high quality hot tubs and swimspas, yet the value for the price is unbeatable!